KK's House

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We found our dream home a year and a half ago. And what could be better than to fill it with children? It’s a beautiful, light-filled main floor with a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and music/art room. We also have what I fondly refer to as ‘The Rumpus Room’. A fully finished basement with a giant couch, TV, books, a Duplo table, dress up station, Rody horses, a toddler trampoline and a play kitchen. But wait, wait, there’s more! Our garage houses a ping pong table, climbing gym for smaller children, scooters, a balance beam, trampoline and floor mats. Perfect for play when the weather is nasty. The yard is a nice size, with a patio for sidewalk chalk, a play structure with swings and a slide, some riding toys, and when the weather gets nice, a kiddie pool and water table.

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