WEEKDAYS is a place to discover and join wonderful neighborhood micro-schools. We are focused on making technology effortless for teachers and parents. (Hello, personalized learning options auto-magically sent to you via text message!) We are doing things a little different and that's because we're obsessed with helping parents and ensuring teachers get paid fairly. Why do we really exist? To create an environment through teachers, technology and community that allows children to explore, learn, and grow.

The organization was founded in 2019 by tech veteran Shauna Causey while she was a Partner at Madrona Venture Labs and pregnant with her second child. Frustrated with the lack of childcare options in her neighborhood, she started working on the early stages of WEEKDAYS. Months later the pandemic hit and the entire industry was upended. The demand for micro-schools has accelerated and today WEEKDAYS is on the forefront of the changes.

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