Today, in the United States, 51% of children live in a child care desert, where there are more than three times the number of children to spots available in child care programs. There are simply not enough affordable, accessible, and safe child care options, particularly in urban and suburban neighborhoods, forcing parents to make suboptimal choices.

The impact of this problem is immense and particularly tough on women, who are often forced out of the workforce to care for their children. In 2018, women lost $249 billion in actual and potential wages, and this does not include the immeasurable costs associated with long-term family health and child development.

Further contributing to this problem are the low wages paid to child care providers. Child care providers make less than $20,000 per year, on average, ranking it as one of the lowest paying professions.

At Weekdays, our mission is to make high-quality child care universally accessible by empowering women (and men) to start their own in-home child care businesses in the communities they live in. Through a combination of technology and managed marketplace services, we help potential child care providers overcome the hurdles of becoming entrepreneurs, attract the best fitting parents and students for their unique programs, and build lucrative businesses.