What is a micro-school?

It's a term that's used broadly to describe small learning programs. All of our WEEKDAYS programs are 10 children or less. This can be a wonderful way to learn because each child gets more personalized attention for their learning style. They also benefit from a teacher that supplements the curriculum with their own interests and passions. Some teachers have a background in music, gardening, art, cooking or even calligraphy. One of our most common programs focuses on outdoor programs with teachers who love to encourage children to explore, learn, and get some exercise outside. Micro-schools can take many shapes and be create for different age ranges.

What ages do WEEKDAYS programs serve?

We have some programs that are focused on infants. More popular though, our programs are preschools or early elementary programs. Often, they are hosted within the micro-school leader's home as the classroom but they can also be hosted in a parent's home.

What makes these programs different?

There has been no quality bar for home-based childcare and micro-schooling. We're changing that. We have an intense focus on quality. Thousands of teachers have inquired about starting WEEKDAYS programs and we only end up working with 10-15 percent of those teachers. We support people with formal teaching backgrounds. We also support nannies who want to transition into having their own programs and parents who want to start a micro-school.

Where are WEEKDAYS programs?

We are supporting programs across the country. Most of our recent programs have been added in the Seattle area, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco.