What is a micro-school?

Micro-schools offer small group learning for up to eight children per program. This means children get the personalized attention they deserve and parents get the safest childcare option as they go back to work during COVID-19.

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We are obsessed with quality

We have met with thousands of nannies, parents, artists, teachers (the list goes on) to find the very best micro-school leaders. Only 10 percent who apply end up being part of the WEEKDAYS community. Each teacher and micro-school leader combines their unique passion and skill set a nd also designs programs around the children's specific interests.

Safety is Top Priority

Our programs are intentionally designed to be small groups and that means they can be much safer. We ask all micro-school leads to follow all CDC guidelines and they are equipped with a touchless thermometer, a safety action plan, and safety expectations that are agreed upon with the families.

A wonderful teacher community

Teachers receive training and support from our education experts and Weekdays team. Our community is now 2,000 teachers strong and that means they have a wonderful support system. Teacher support leads to better programs for our children.

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