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Seattle, WA

Welcome to KK's house! I'm Kate, and little kids like to call me KK. My home in West Seattle is a delightful, homey setting for a play-based, afternoon care program.

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West Seattle

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Kids learn by playing and especially playing with one another. We’re opening our home to after school care for four (4) children ages 4-10. We want our home to be a place to learn, play, grow, feel safe and loved. We offer, snacks, Art , music lessons, dinner if they’re inclined, but most importantly, a place to play. A place you feel good walking into. A home with a dog (who is very gentle and great with kiddos), toys, books, games, and a fridge that’s always full. We want our home to be your child’s home away from home.

Taught by Kate von Duering

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I’ve been taking care of kids and babies since my first cousin was born when I was 7 years old. My family always called me the baby whisperer. Now that I have a child of my own, I want to spend as much time with her as possible, and inviting other children into our home to play seems like the perfect way to do that.

I took my first babysitting class when I was 12 and watched my parents friend’s children. I became a full-time nanny to a little boy, who’s now in high school!, when I moved back to Seattle in 2003. I then took over my family’s shop, a children’s clothing boutique, and continued to babysit on the weekends and was an evening helper to a family with three small children.

My daughter and I are currently enrolled in Co-Op Preschool through South Seattle College, and I love the parent education I’ve been receiving as part of our enrollment there. Positive discipline and play-based learning really struck me as the best way to raise my child, and I’d love to pass that way of learning onto the children in my care.



Favorite Kids' Song

Slippery Fish

Favorite Kids' Book

Harry Potter books, Pig the Pug, Harry the Dirty Dog...

Program Location Details

We found our dream home a year and a half ago. And what could be better than to fill it with children? It’s a beautiful, light-filled main floor with a dining room, living room, kitchen, bathroom and music/art room. We also have what I fondly refer to as ‘The Rumpus Room’. A fully finished basement with a giant couch, TV, books, a Duplo table, dress up station, Rody horses, a toddler trampoline and a play kitchen. But wait, wait, there’s more! Our garage houses a ping pong table, climbing gym for smaller children, scooters, a balance beam, trampoline and floor mats. Perfect for play when the weather is nasty. The yard is a nice size, with a patio for sidewalk chalk, a play structure with swings and a slide, some riding toys, and when the weather gets nice, a kiddie pool and water table.

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