Virtual Math Enrichment for Elementary 4th-6th


Seeking 4 boring and humorless families to form a pod with students interested in gaining 4th - 6th grade math enrichment skills. Lessons are one hour weekly. The focus will be on problem solving for life experiences. I am certified in both regular and special education with 15 years experience and excellent skills. I can provide many teaching references.

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This program will have an eclectic approach to math depending on the students interest and level. An example might be to find the palindrome (same backwards and forwards) of a number by using a math formula. Another example might be to guess a number through trial and error given pluses or minuses after each guess. These are problems using logic and critical thinking skills.

Many of the activities will be student directed as we learn the interest and level of the group's math skills. There will be challenging math games as well as discussion on different ways to solve math problems.

Taught by Mark Ukelson

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Although trained as a teacher, I owned and operated a small NW souvenir business for 28 years. Having sold that 8 years ago, I have returned to my training roots. I taught during the winter for the Seattle School District and during the summers I was a tour guide in Seattle. I love telling stories about our city. I produced and led my own public art walk in Seattle's Fremont District and also worked as a city wide tour guide for Ride the Ducks of Seattle. I wore silly costumes for both tours as I take having fun very seriously. I am married and live in the north end of Seattle with our spoiled rotten German Shepherd, Chabibi. We are former foster parents whose children are all grown up. We are hikers and back packers as well. I volunteer for voting rights organizations.

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This program is on zoom so you can join from anywhere in the U.S.! I live in Seattle so the time is PST.

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