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Seattle, WA

I believe that learning should be fun, hands on, focused, and diverse. Teaching should allow children to navigate, understand and, encourage them to explore the world around them.

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I believe that learning should be fun, hands on, focused, and diverse. Teaching should allow children to navigate, understand and, encourage them to explore the world around them. I encourage and push children to express themselves freely without judgement, to tap into their creativity & imagination, have positive social interactions with their peers, have confidence and last but not least, know that the world is at their fingertips.

With my teaching, your child has the opportunity to learn in a more personal and individual experience. With my micro school, children are able to have 1:1 time with the teacher and I believe that that is helpful for a child at such a young age.

If your child will be still “enrolled” in their regular school & learning virtually while in my care, please do let me know when you pick a program! I am more than happy to assist with that.


Programs begin September 7th, 2020 (Labor Day)-June 4th 2021 (includes holidays)

Monday- Friday

School only: ("Half Day" ) 7am-4pm

School and Kid Care: (“Full day”) 7am-8pm

Low-income, Essential workers, and “Over-nighters” are encouraged to apply!

If this schedule is not feasible for you, I will be more than happy to try to accommodate your working schedule! Please reach out to me directly for more information!

**RATIO: 6:1 **

MEALS All meals including snack are healthy & wholesome! Meal Menus for the week will be sent out every Sunday night, that way parents and guardians will have an idea of what their child will be eating. Please keep in mind that all meals are wholesome and nutritious, allergies and special diets will also be taken into consideration. For example: your child will not be eating ramen noodles but rather fully prepared meals such as spaghetti, two veggies, fruit, and dessert.

ACTIVITIES I will be teaching on rotating days: Math Science History and social studies Reading and writing Creative arts Language and culture Health Cooking Language Lessons- Spanish is taught every morning Monday-Friday Cooking, baking, & kitchen safety- learning math by focusing on measurements, ingredients, etc. Music- all genres Arts- hands on activities, paint, coloring, science projects, etc Outdoor activities- *Parents will be updated on field trips and other activities over the next couple of months as we keep an eye on Covid


$200 non-refundable to hold spot for either program (will go towards 1st wk’s payment)

School Only: $550 wk Includes:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Focused individual learning & activities

School + Kid Care: $650 wk Includes:

Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner Focused individual learning & activities

Mondays and Wednesdays = English and Reading + Extracurricular subject Tuesdays and Fridays = Math and Science + Extracurricular subject Thursdays= International Day Friday Afternoons = History + Reflection on Week + Extracurricular subject

Covid Updates

Titi’s Place will be cleaned regularly including between each new activity (toys, tables, etc.), before and after mealtimes and so forth. The children will be taught the importance of washing their hands between activities and the importance of staying safe throughout their day. The children will be encouraged to stay in their own “safe space” (bubbles), however, as we know children are very active and love playing with others so please keep that in mind! 😊

Parents and children are encouraged to wash their hands upon entering and exiting the house. At this time, parents and guardians will be given a school supplies list based upon age group of child to bring to class on the first day. However if you do need help with supplying your child’s things, please do reach out to me as I am able to help out with that! All supplies will be kept in each individual’s cubby in the classroom. Children will be positioned six feet away from one another while sitting at teaching tables to encourage “social distancing.”

Taught by Gabriella Hale- Lawson

Background Check Confirmed

Hello! My name is Gabriella, though my loved little ones call me “Titi” which means “Aunt” in the Spanish language. In May of 2019, I graduated with my degree in Psychology and I pay special attention to ensuring that I incorporate that into my teaching. I believe that helping a child navigate through the early stages of life in a healthy way is of most importance to the future growth of the child. I have ten plus years of teaching and working with a broad spectrum of children including those with developmental disabilities (deaf, nonverbal, autistic, and so forth) and mental illnesses. Over the years, I have found that caring for and teaching children brings me great joy—I truly believe that helping a little one grow is my calling. I enjoy cooking, baking, traveling, and doing things that are spontaneous!

I do own a goofy but well trained Australian Cattle Dog (Red Heeler) named German. He will be two at the end of January, he is neutered, and absolutely adores kids as does almost all cattle dogs! He has been around and trained with children since he was five months old. He stays by my side the vast majority of the day however, during teaching lessons and meals he will be placed elsewhere so that he does not cause distraction for the children.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions via message or email at titisplaceofgrowth@outlook.com.

I am also available to have Zoom interviews that way we can get to know one another, find out what your needs are as a parent, and what the child needs help with the most. I look forward to helping your child grow!

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree!! I have always loved this book since I was wee little and have securely kept my original copy from my childhood for years!

Cost & Availability

Full Day$2,600 per month
Part Time$2,200 per month

Stephanie D.

Ms. Gabriella’s dedication and care for children is inspiring. She did a wonderful job teaching my 4 y/o niece by using many different hands on and other sensory techniques! I love that she incorporated Spanish into my niece’s learning as it is hard to find a place that teaches children foreign languages at no additional cost. Lastly, Ms. Gabriella was very accommodating to my always changing work schedule and I appreciate that!

Program Location Details

Titi’s Place of Growth will be located in Seattle, WA in my own home.

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