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The focus of this learning community is to support the students and families. This program's mission is to enrich the virtual in-home learning experiences by creating a student-centered environment with a foundation in inquiry-based learning.

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North Seattle to South Seattle and Bellevue

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My teaching philosophy is rooted in the firm belief that all students can learn. I spent three years researching, reflecting, and developing a teaching philosophy that centers on the students. I have a background working in a Reggio inspired program where the focus is on the students’ interests and allows them to learn and develop social-emotional skills through collaborative play. I believe students can learn so much through play and program-based learning, which is why I incorporate these learning opportunities for early elementary students.

As an educator, it is my responsibility to create a learning environment that reflects the students. Students have multiple learning styles, and teachers need to create environments that consider how to incorporate these learning styles through differentiation. The lessons I create are student-centered, making all learning authentic by focusing on allowing children to take risks and engage their prior knowledge. When students can collaborate with peers and participate in hands-on learning, they will solve real-world problems. I will foster the development of a growth mindset because it allows students to flourish in an exciting and challenging learning environment. When this type of positive learning environment is established, students can demonstrate the skills they have developed or where their skills can continue to grow.

Every student deserves to feel empowered, represented, and respected. One of my goals as an educator is to create a class environment with a foundation of trust and openness between community members. Students are curious, and making an inclusive classroom that fosters caring and empathy helps all members of the community.

I’m here to support the families in this learning community. If the students in the group are enrolled in virtual learning, I would love to be the in-home teacher who can help the group join their class online and be available to navigate any technical difficulties. Due to the micro-school size, I’m excited to create an environment where students will have many opportunities for one on one time with me as their teacher. This allows me to differentiate the lessons for the different types of learners in the group. While learning mathematics, I want to enrich the lesson by being available in-person to help the students connect with conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and mathematical reasoning. While teaching literacy, I want to work with each student to help them develop the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills that can be achieved in person. I am also comfortable creating lesson plans where students can explore their creativity and play with their primary school peers. I have experience teaching STEM activities and would be happy to include time in the day where we can explore coding, building, and making things. I think outside time is crucial, and the mission is for all the students in the micro-school to have time to learn and play outside. This program will be a hands-on and low risk, so the students grow, ask questions, and explore the possible answers together. I want to be a part of this new learning journey with your students, and I would love to stay connected with the families throughout this process. Overall, I am here to help.

Taught by Shannon Gatley

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Hello, I’m Shannon!

I am a bubbly, energetic person, and I believe that is why I naturally gravitated towards teaching primary age students. I am patient, caring, and always excited to learn something new.

I love baking, yoga, running, and playing with my dog and cat during my spare time. I enjoy traveling around the world and learning about new things at all different types of museums. I especially love science and art museums.

I have spent the last five years learning from and working alongside educators who have taught me various teaching approaches and techniques. In May 2020, I graduated with a Masters of Arts in Elementary Education from Western Governor University. I am Washington State Board certified to teach Elementary Education, K-8, and certified in CPR. I began my career five years ago as a substitute teacher for Pre-K-8th grade and as an educational specialist at a Children’s Museum in Tampa, Florida. After moving to Seattle in 2017, I became an infant and toddler teacher in a Reggio inspired program. During this time, I created a curriculum based on children’s interests and developmental milestones from birth to age four. Teaching children during these early years taught me about the roots of learning for elementary students and how important play is to a developing mind. In January 2020, I started my student teaching experience in a 2nd-grade classroom at a Seattle Public School. I have experience working with state standards and creating lesson plans. I developed lesson plans that differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners.

CPR Certified

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Full Day$773 per month

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