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Children come into the world eager to learn. The first five years of life are a time of enormous growth of linguistic, conceptual, social, emotional, and motor competence. Right from birth, a healthy child is an active participant in that growth, exploring the environment, learning to communicate, and, in relatively short order, beginning to construct ideas and theories about how things work in the surrounding world. The pace of learning, however, will depend on whether and to what extent the child's inclinations to learn encounter and engage in supporting environments. There can be no question that the environment in which a child grows up has a powerful impact on how the child develops and what the child learns.

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While children and youth have a variety of experiences during fall and summertime, there is evidence that access to high-quality experiences may not be equitable across different groups of children and youth, and this may have disparate effects on their development. Emphasis is placed on positive ways to support an infant or toddler’s social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development. Upon completion, the students should be able to plan an infant-toddler program and environment which is appropriate and supportive of the families and the children. (Fall, Summer)


Children learn best in a nurturing, child-initiated play-based environments that foster self-confidence, trust, creativity, autonomy, and acceptance of individual differences. The staff establishes positive personal interaction, nurturing each child's growth and education. We plan for all areas of a child's development and education: cognitive, emotional, social, creative, and physical. Individuality is acknowledged and respected as each child explores a child-centered environment at her or his own pace. A strong sense of identity and competence is developed as children are helped to feel good about themselves, their abilities, and their uniqueness. Each classroom at the center will implement developmentally appropriate practices, achieving curriculum goals in the context of a caring community of learners in which all children can develop.

Program Teacher to Student Ratio:

1 to 11 months (Infant) (1:4) 12 to 29 months (Toddler) (1:4)




All children and staff will have their temperature taken at check-in, using any method: axillary (armpit), oral or other. Regular hand-washing will be implemented as all areas and tours will be kept clean and sanitized.

Sample Schedule

8:00am 8:30amGreetings / Freeplay
8:30am 9:00amBreakfast/Lunch/Bathroom break
9:00am 10:30amOutside time
10:30am 11:00amWash hands/bathroom break
12:00pm 1:00pmLunch
1:00pm 1:30pmNaptime / Freeplay
1:30pm 2:00pmSnack
2:00pm 2:30pmOutside time
2:30pm 3:00pmClean up

Taught by Kadiatu Swick

Background Check Confirmed

My name is Kadiatu Sesay Swick, I am from West Africa, Sierra Leone. I came to the United States when I was 15 with my adopted family as well as my biological brother Jimmy.  I am a Lead Infant/toddler teacher and professional caregiver and program manager. I am adept at handling a high-pressure working environment with grace and professionalism. I am a superb coordinator with parents and guardians with regard to potential issues and problems. I have extensive experience in early childhood education, classroom design and management. I have exceptional knowledge of child growth and development principles and infant/toddler health and educational needs.

Cost & Availability

Part Time$1,200 per month


Monday8:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday8:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday8:00am – 5:00pm

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