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PiggyBack Primary is designed to facilitate and enrich district provided Virtual Learning for Primary Grade Students and support parents who want to provide a SAFE and Fun environment for their children to thrive educationally, socially, and emotionally

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East Memphis, TN

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The vision of PiggyBack Primary is to provide an alternative to both the traditional in-person classroom and the ever more prevalent virtual - distance learning model and could supplement homeschool. I see a community of children emerging who love learning. Each day, they can't wait to get to class and participate actively in their education. Inquiry, Investigation, and Imagination are nourished. I will facilitate the students' studies - but the direction we take will often be up to them! Children will -- become avid readers and prolific authors; delight in math concepts; curious about science and love it; and have regular opportunities to express themselves artistically. Their self esteem and leadership will be nourished by embracing the key values of Integrity, Respect, and Responsibility. The will become acutely award of what it is to be a kind, caring, and empathetic human being.

Taught by Dorothy Fest

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I love, love, love teaching! I retired from a 25 year career in 2010. I am over the moon to pursue my passion, again. Primarily, I taught first grade in Long Beach, California. My expertise is in supporting children to become fluent readers and creative writers. I teach thematically - so Science, Social Studies, Art, Music are woven throughout the curriculum. (Yes, I also teach math - and keep if fun and hands on) During my college years - I taught pre-school in the S.F. Bay Area and my degree had an Early Childhood Education focus.

As a Mentor and Master Teacher for 20 years, I trained new and veteran teachers, as well as, developed curriculum for the district and other programs. NBC News honored me with the Crystal Apple Award for the Rolling Readers (Tutoring) Project, a district wide program, which supported 100's of students achieving grade level reading proficiency.

I am an alum of U.C. Berkeley where I earned a Bachelor of Science degree. I completed my teaching studies at San Francisco State University and earned an Elementary Credential which I have kept current. I continued to develop my professional knowledge at U.C.L.A with graduate level courses in Science Education and did coursework towards a Reading Specialist Masters at Grand Canyon University.

Two years ago I relocated to Memphis from California and love it here.

CPR Certified

Emily P.

Ms. Dorothy was great with my daughter. She had so much fun and even wanted to continue working after the class was over!

Program Location Details

I have created an awesome space for your child to learn in my home. The family room/den has been turned into a primary classroom. As well there is a dedicated bathroom for student use. The classroom looks out to the backyard which space to play and live animals that often visit. (squirrels, chipmunks, birds...) We are also walking distance from the Wolf River Greenway.

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