Cottonwood Creek Mixed Age Kindergarten

Seattle, WA

Waldorf Inspired Preschool/Kindergarten for children age 4-6. Waldorf pedagogy supports the harmonious development of head, heart, and hands.  Imagination and creativity are cultivated along with cognitive growth, taking into full account the physical and emotional phases of childhood development.

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Longfellow Creek

Program Description

COTTONWOOD CREEK MIXED AGE KINDERGARTEN In my program I weave all activities into a predictable daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythm. This encourages the children to become comfortable and confident in themselves and the world. Each day includes a recognized time for high energy movement; circle, games, walks, outdoor play, as well as more focused activities; drawing, painting, beeswax modeling, story, and snack time. This provides a natural "breathing in" and "breathing out" for the children. A sense of security and reverence for nature grow out of these consistent rhythmical patterns. This develops personal qualities of inner strength and respect for all life, supporting the foundation for health of body, mind, and spirit in each child.

My program runs Monday-Thursday 8:30-12:15 and follows the SPS calendar, with a few exceptions. Once enrolled you will receive a full detailed calendar. The first day of school is September 8, 2020 the last day is June 10, 2021. My program is inspired by Waldorf pedagogy. Of which requires a personal and conscious, deep rooted study of human development, and a clear understanding of where each young child is on their(individual) developmental path, and where they need to go. My students are the inspiration, and always in the forefront of anything I bring into the program. I have a set curriculum, but listen to when the children are not responding to it, or need something different. We do not sit in desks and I do not work on early academics in the same way as a more mainstream school might. I bring language and literacy skills through poems, songs, and stories. Memorizing is experienced in our daily tasks, songs, and the consistent daily/weekly rhythm. I bring math through imagery, and spacial awareness. Fine motor skills are honed with handwork(finger knitting, stitching, baking, drawing, painting, outdoor time). Gross motor skills are experienced in circle, games, running, walking, jump rope, and outdoor play. We learn science and math from being outside, tending plants, observation, and baking. We practice social emotional competencies by sharing space/materials with others, learning to work together, and understand how to be compassionate friends while also listening to our own voice. It is these younger years where children "build" the foundation for their continued growth and learning. It is out of this understanding that I design and create a beautiful, high quality, nurturing program too foster each child's growth in their head, heart, and hands. Daily Snack and Activity Schedule Monday - Snack: Rice Drawing Chopping Vegetables

Tuesday - Snack: Soup and Fresh Rolls Beeswax Modeling Roll Baking

Wednesday- Snack: Muesli (oats, fresh orange juice, graded apple) Painting Muesli Prep

Thursday - Snack: Blueberry or Pumpkin Muffins String Story Adventure day (longer walk/doutdoor time) Muffin Baking

Taught by Milana Norbut

Background Check Confirmed

I am a certified teacher with a Waldorf Early Childhood credential. I have over 26 years experience working with children newborn to age 9, and 10 years specifically in Waldorf Kindergartens. I have been a part of large independent schools, and small pioneering schools. I grew up enjoying the outdoors with my family. This has continued into adulthood, which is why I have a deep love for the Seattle area, and its proximity to water, mountains, and city adventures. I incorporate the outdoor experience in my class, by having the children in nature as much as possible. I have a degree in design, but once my own children were born and began school I found my calling was in the Waldorf classroom, supporting young children in their education and growth. I wish to provide children with a strong emotional, and physical foundation to ensure a life of loved learning. When young children are provided a space to experience healthy movement, exploration, positive sensory, and social/emotional opportunities, their bodies, minds, and hearts, will in turn be ready to take on the rigors of academia with great enthusiasm in their coming years.

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Part Time$760 per month

Program Location Details

Located in a quiet, hidden, neighborhood in South West Seattle, our school sits next to one of the cities oldest fresh water creeks. We are adjacent to a greenbelt and trail system that ensures the children will have many different, daily, outdoor explorative adventures.

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