Madrona Early Birds

Taught by Aigul Chichian

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Being a mom for almost 30 years certainly taught me lots about my own boys, about myself, about my kid's friends, their classmates and about the importance of community when it comes to raising a child. Our family traveled a lot, and every time we landed in a new country (Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, England, Russia) we were lucky enough to find that community, either through a playgroup, playground, or in a neighborhood park. My child care experience didn't end with my motherhood--I have volunteered at several kids' camps, worked at the Edmonds school district as a teacher's assistant, and I continue to babysit all of my younger friends' toddlers. I also have a love of math, geography, and soccer that I hope to share with the next generation!



Favorite Kids' Song

The song that brings me good childhood memories is a Russian one, called " Birthday".

Favorite Kids' Book

One of my favorite books is "Gruffalo" by a British author, Julia Donaldson. The story is about using your brains over brawn, especially when it comes to scary and unfamiliar situations.

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