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Madrona Early Birds LLC is your cozy neighborhood child care, where your children (ages 1.5 to 4 years) will learn about their closest community through playing with neighborhood kids and exploring the Madrona woods.

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At Madrona Early Birds, your children will be engaged in the exploration of their environment through hands-on experiences. Children will learn about other places and spaces in the world, with an emphasis on the strength of families and communities. We are all about movement, songs, painting, and tinkering with blocks, sticks, and cardboard boxes. We love spontaneous picnics in the backyards and hiking in the woods right across the street.

Our program is designed to help out parents who need child care help in the mornings, and want to know that their children will have a nurturing and engaging place to start their day! And there will be a cup of coffee waiting for parents at drop off:)

Parents can arrange to drop off their child for any four hour period from 6 AM to 1 PM. We are open four days a week, and the drop off time is flexible.

Children do not have to be potty trained to join Madrona Early Birds, we just ask that parents bring diapers.

Tuition: Parents can decide what payment schedule will work the best for your family. We try to accommodate busy family schedules, therefore we offer a flexible drop off time.

-Our $700 unlimited monthly plan allows your child to play with us up to 16 hours a week.

-If you think your child will join us only once or twice a week, then you can choose our $350 half time plan.

-We are also open for the occasional drop offs with the $15 per hour rate.

If you are at all interested in having your child join our program, please reach out--depending on availability, we try to accommodate all interested families and will consider a sliding scale fee.

Taught by Aigul Chichian

Background Check Confirmed

Being a mom for almost 30 years certainly taught me lots about my own boys, about myself, about my kid's friends, their classmates and about the importance of community when it comes to raising a child. Our family traveled a lot, and every time we landed in a new country (Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, England, Russia) we were lucky enough to find that community, either through a playgroup, playground, or in a neighborhood park. My child care experience didn't end with my motherhood--I have volunteered at several kids' camps, worked at the Edmonds school district as a teacher's assistant, and I continue to babysit all of my younger friends' toddlers. I also have a love of math, geography, and soccer that I hope to share with the next generation!



Favorite Kids' Song

The song that brings me good childhood memories is a Russian one, called " Birthday".

Favorite Kids' Book

One of my favorite books is "Gruffalo" by a British author, Julia Donaldson. The story is about using your brains over brawn, especially when it comes to scary and unfamiliar situations.

Program Location Details

My home is a warm, open learning environment, with plenty of room for play! Located in the Madrona neighborhood right across from the beautiful Madrona Park, my goal is to incorporate outdoor experiences into our daily preschool routine. I speak multiple languages, and will also explore language learning with the kids throughout the day.

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