La Casita- Outdoor/Indoor

Seattle, WA

La Casita, as featured in the "Wall Street Journal", is a truly unique experience you won't find elsewhere in West Seattle. We cater to your students customized needs for learning and care in a brand new private cottage with a multitude of indoor and outdoor activities! All led by a group experienced teachers.

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West Seattle

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School Cottage

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Pandemic Pod. La Casita provides an unparalleled unique experience for each child. Everything is brand new and built for the ultimate learning experience where kids can can continue to develop their gross motor skills on a brand new playground, get their hands dirty while they explore science and agriculture, in a backyard filled with a wonderful garden and a mini farm.

This is truly an environment where each child can thrive by getting individual attention in a small group setting and have fun with their own developing interests and passions.

A variety of specialty teachers from artists to theatre and from science to agriculture will cultivate a broad spectrum of individualized learning for your student.

The brand new cottage schoolhouse provides privacy and safety for children to be able to have their own space to own and also dedicated rooms if your child needs to be online to complete public or private school distance learning.

Our curriculum will be structured using a format that will support Eight Key Learning Styles: Linguistics Logical Spatial Kinesthetics Musical Interpersonal Intrapersonal Naturalist

The origins of La Casita are a community effort, inspired by an experienced, sought-after teacher in West Seattle and a parent looking for a small, safe and inclusive learning environment for her child, a six year old who loves sports, climbing walls and playing in dirt.

We will be following King County's COVID Safety Guidelines.


-Sixty feet of student garden space and mini-farm will enhance science and agriculture learning to support your child's curriculum.
-A brand new on-site playground and a park with play-field 2 blocks away that features Seattle's largest greenbelt!
Includes but not limited to, music/music theory, theatre, art and curriculum support.

Taught by WEEKDAYS Team

Background Check Confirmed


English and Sign Language

Cost & Availability

Part Time$833 per month


Christine's amazing experience is evident the first time you talk with her. She's smart, caring, and understands deeply how children learn skills that will help them throughout their life. I'd suggest enrolling early as this teacher is truly one of a kind and has the chance to teach in a unbelievable new school house location.

Program Location Details

Brand new, adorable 800 square foot school house built for Ms. Christine's micro-school. The space is a completely separate unit with 3 learning areas with a kitchen, bathroom, and a big yard. Perfect spot to create a small group where kids can learn and have their own space.

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