Harper's Micro-School (K-8)

To me, great teaching means engaging students in learning activities that incorporate the interests and passions of my students into as much of what we do as possible. This micro-school will work to ensure that students enrolled in remote learning are meeting the grade-level state standards. When available, I can use assessment data to plan targeted academic instruction for our students. I want to take opportunities to work with students to pursue hobbies and long term projects that match up with their passions and strengths. I have some experience with Project Based Learning, and want my students to have opportunities to drive their own learning.

Program Description

I am looking for a pod in the Seattle area, with at least 4 kids, to teach in a micro-school in a parent's home.

My Teaching Philosophy:

The capacity of children to learn is limitless, but all too often barriers such as resources, access and occasionally bureaucracy prevent students from accessing meaningful opportunities to learn. One barrier can be the quality of instruction, which is why I endeavor to base my practice entirely on methods proven to be effective through educational research.

While student's must complete the requirements laid out by their respective school in order to meet state standards for learning, I want to combine traditional curriculum with opportunities for Project Based Learning (PBL). PBL is an educative approach in which teachers facilitate and assist the class in working towards long-term goals that the students set themselves. As an example, I worked with my 5th grade students to raise chickens and grow an organic garden; the eggs and produce were donated to address food insecurity, and later sold to fund scholarships, field trips and school supplies for their classmates.

I'm passionate about Micro-Schools because of the flexibility they afford students and teachers to create curriculum that draws upon students strengths and passions, and directs their energy out into the world around them. In order to become driven, lifelong learners, students need to do more than understand academic material, they need to understand and practice applying what they know to their world.

Lastly, I believe that family engagement is one of the most often overlooked aspects of successful education. I want to keep lines of communication open with all parents, and I am totally available for any questions you might have.

Taught by Harper Risdon

Background Check Confirmed

Hello, I'm Harper! I'm a lifelong Seattlite who recently moved back home after completing my teacher training at the University of Michigan where I did my student teaching at Ann Arbor's STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Math) Academy. I've been working in schools in a variety of roles since 2011 when I did an Americorps program called City Year in Los Angeles. As a teacher, I'm committed to addressing barriers to student success, and building curriculum around the needs and passions of my students.

In my free time I love to be in the outdoors, especially the mountains- it's one of the reasons my wife and I came back to Seattle- and I'm hoping to learn some mountaineer skills this year! Beyond that, I'm an avid reader who bounces forth between a ton of different genre's, which is a pastime I really enjoy sharing with students.

Cost & Availability

Full Day$1,222 per month

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