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An educational supplementary program, Elements academy focuses on providing support for students in academics, and on creating and maintaining connections with nature and the natural world around us. We utilize an integrated project-based curriculum that can be adjusted to meet each student wherever they are at developmentally and academically.

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This program is intended for students in 1st-12th grade, who are interested in individualized academic support as well as being outside. Half the day will be spent with academics, and the other half will be spent being outside and enjoying nature or working on projects!

Some of the projects you can expect your child to do include: -cooking and baking -canning and pickling -making fresh butter -building wooden cars -crocheting -sewing -quilting -caring for the class pet -using plants to make medicines -Learning how to build fires -spinning yarn -learning how to make fire with friction -shelter building -horticultural practices -sustainability projects -building with cobb -animal husbandry -carving -tanning animal hides -leather working -Hand-bound journals

And so much more! There is even potential we may get to work with a blacksmith!

In the mornings, students will receive two hours of individualized tutoring, tailored to their needs. They will also have the opportunity to participate in group academic projects, such as building scale models of ancient buildings, reading and discussion of books and scientific articles, and science experiments! After lunch time, students will be engaged in projects or in field trips! These projects will be based in homesteading practices, wilderness stewardship practices, horticulture, and sometimes just for fun, based on students' interests (board game design, anyone?)!

You can expect a high-quality dynamic education for your student, and that they will come home happy, tired, and muddy daily!

Taught by Troy Schroder

Background Check Confirmed

I have been in childcare for almost 15 years now, and love every moment of it! I have been an educator for the last ten years, with a focus on inspiring children to become ethical stewards of wild places and humanity. I have also been working for five years as a tutor and teacher, including to students with a wide variety of intensive needs. I love project-based integrated academics, and creating mentoring opportunities for children and teens. I enjoy setting firm boundaries and then letting kids explore within those boundaries for themselves- child-led and inquiry-based learning is the way into the future of education! I also am a master storyteller, and as humans are largely story-driven creatures, I integrate a lot of elements of storytelling into my teaching style. It allows me to create deeper connections with my students, which I cherish.

Cost & Availability

Full Day$1,444 per month
Part Time$667 per month

-Parent of former student

"Troy has encouraged so much growth in my child emotionally and socially this year! His approach of guided inquiry lets children explore and learn at their own pace and dive deep into the things they are passionate about. Troy's genuine enthusiasm for learning and teaching always shines through. I always know it's been a good day when I get a text that I might want to put a towel down on the car seats to guard against mud!"

Program Location Details

We are currently working on finding a location, and are hoping to partner with a local farm so that the students in our program get to interact with animals. I believe this is a vital part of learning responsibility and empathy. We are also looking into the possibility of several different wild/green spaces as a home base. We are planning on renting a passenger van to enable us to go on field trips to Cougar Mountain, St. Edward's park, and many more besides!

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