Deep Roots Nature Play

Program Location Details

Our Location

Our outdoor program is located at [Seahurst Park] (, just south of Seattle along the puget sound.

We will meet on the grassy area near the roundabout at the base of the lowest parking lot. After having opening circle there, we will offer a bathroom break and wash hands, then take a walk along one of the forested trails or the rocky shoreline. Somewhere along the hike, we will settle down for deeper exploration and play, and end with a snack and story.

We ask that you pack a snack and a water bottle. We can work with other parents to be mindful of what they pack if your child has a severe food allergy.

After snack and a story, we will walk back, stopping for a bathroom break and washing hands, and end at the grassy area for closing circle and pick up.

Weather Considerations

Since this is an all-outdoor program, appropriate clothing is key. We encourage you to dress your child in warm layers (wool is great!) and a rain suit and rain boots that they can get muddy in during the colder months.

The weather always looks worse from inside! One of the best ways to enjoy the cold wet winter in Seattle is by getting out in it. There's always more sunlight outside, even on an overcast day. With the right clothes and with a spirit of adventure, all-weather play can offer some of the most memorable experiences.

In the case of severe weather where it is unsafe to be outside, we will meet at Sarah's house, located in Boulevard Park, 15 minutes from Seahurst Park. We will let you know the day before or early that morning so you can make arrangements.

Covid-19 Precautions

We will be careful to comply with state precautions regarding Covid-19, including wearing face masks, sanitizing and washing hands, and having lots of room to spread out. We will emphasize activities that encourage distance, but since this is a play-based program with young children, there will most likely be some physical interaction among students. However, being part of a small and regular group and being outside in the fresh air is helpful in reducing transmission.

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