Brittney's Home Care

Taught by Brittney Aguilar

Background Check Confirmed


Teacher Brittney is a mother to her 13 year old daughter, Aaliya. She wanted to open up her home to marry her passion for helping kids learn and grow while being more present for her daughter. Through caring for and helping raise her nieces and nephews, she developed a desire to help children learn the world around them!

Brittney's home care and teaching style is rooted in her belief that children should be guided and supported rather than dictated on what to do. Her priority is to preserve their natural curiosity and spirit. Learning is important to her, and she believes that while she inspires her kids, they are also inspiring her.

Her favorite activities with children are reading and outside play, watching them jump around and move freely! Outside of time with kids, you can find Brittney reading, engaging in her own research, singing, dancing, and playing video games.

Favorite Kids' Song

You Are My Sunshine

Favorite Kids' Book

Oh the Places You'll Go

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