WEEKDAYS South Everett Infant and Toddler Camp


At WEEKDAYS South Everett, we provide a loving environment in which your children are given the freedom and independence to develop self confidence.

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<1 year olds – Kindergarten

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I am a former nanny, child care provider, and mom of five grown children who have gone on to successful careers. I believe strongly in providing kids a friendly, safe, and playful environment where parents feel like they are leaving their precious children with family.

My greatest strength is my genuine, natural ability to bond with kids. I have worked almost 10 years with babies and children of all ages as an YMCA child care teacher and a nanny. I have my BA in psychology, trained as a behavioral specialist, as well as numerous other trainings and certifications (the 20 star training from the YMCA, safe sleep, CPR and first aid, and child abuse prevention training). All of the babies and children I have cared for over the years have grown up to be healthy and active kids, and I love them like my own forever:) I am the proud mom of 5 successful, grown kids who graduated from UW and each have wonderful careers ahead of them.

English is my second language, and the children I care for learn from me in my native languages, Hindi and Urdu, including cultural stories and poems.

Safety is my main priority, and I have numerous references available who can speak to how I have nurtured their children. I allow creative expression, exploration, and experimentation by providing age-appropriate opportunities to learn through play. Getting out of the house and exposing the children to new experiences is a priority for me. I also believe children need structure and boundaries to succeed, as well as a nurturing and loving team of consistent caregivers. I practice respectful positive discipline and validate emotions, teaching children how to cope and express those emotions in a healthy way.

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