True Nature Forest Immersion

Seattle, WA, 98118

True Nature takes kids outside and offers them real hands-on experiences that form the foundation for a positive sense of self and healthy relationships.

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Seward Park

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We are offering a half-day program 12:30-4:30pm Monday through Friday in Seward Park for kids ages 5-8 starting September 14, 2020 and continuing through the end of the school year. Group size will be 10 children, 2 teachers.


For examples of daily activities, see our Facebook page or YouTube Channel, True Nature Kids. In all our programs, we deepen our connection to place and build friendships by spending quality time together in the forest. We run through meadows, lay on the forest floor, observe and learn from plants and animals, discover special places, and build shelters. At True Nature, your child has the unique opportunity to be exposed to some of the most ancient outdoor skills of the human race: basket weaving, fire, plant medicine, using real tools, and lots more!

COVID-19 UPDATES AND PROCEDURES: All children and staff in our programs are required to wear masks according to current health directives. We are making every effort to follow the State of Washington's recommendations for child care: Outdoor activities are considered safer during the pandemic due to the abundant fresh air and space for children to move and spread out. We will emphasize activities that allow space between people. However, we cannot guarantee 6 feet physical distance between children due to their highly interactive nature. For more information about our policies and procedures on COVID, please feel free to email us at

Taught by Tracy Harrison

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My Training:

I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Inclusive Early Childhood Education at Portland State University. This master's program has a contructivist lens, which means that education is seen as a process in which children and teachers create meaning (with children as co-creators of the learning experience rather than passive recipients).

I am a member of the Washington Nature Preschools Association (WaNPA), the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), and multiple online professional networks. I regularly attend professional development training events through NAEYC and their Washington affiliate, as well as through other organizations such as the Natural Start Alliance.

I am trained in First Aid/CPR and Child Health and Safety.

Recently I have been consulting with Rachel Franz of Twig & Thread Consulting in all aspects of program design and functioning.

About Me:

I grew up on a 15 acre farm and spent many hours as a kid playing in the mud and exploring the woods. Early experiences led me to crave a deeper relationship with the natural environment and I have always felt a strong spiritual connection through nature.

I have also always loved people and yearn to make the world a better place, and this led me to pursue a degree in anthropology. I spent many years exploring the ways ancient peoples have interacted with the land and I continue to actively enrich my own understanding of the First Peoples of this land and integrate that understanding into my work with children.

I named my business True Nature because I believe that connection to both the natural world and the Spirit of Life brings understanding of why we are here and provides a foundation of empowered self-knowledge for children which is the basis for all learning and relationships. In my adventures with children I always encourage and model respect for the aliveness and spiritual essence of all that we encounter and I invite kids to speak life (to self, others, and other beings) and bless each other.

I have worked with children as a nature skills instructor, nanny, and babysitter for over 6 years. I love children because their joy and wonder are contagious, because they are honest and real, and because they are my best teachers and keep me striving to be a better person. My own spiritual walk has led me through many different forms and variations, and now as a practicing Christian I believe faith is activated through loving people which is fundamental to everything I do.

My version of heaven on earth is to be gardening or wild harvesting with children, seeing the spirit of each child light up as they dig, climb, explore, and ask questions along the way - all while getting really muddy!



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The Rattlin' Bog

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Part Time$1,222 per month

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This is an all-outdoor program and we will be out in the woods rain or shine! During our time together we will join the plants and animals who call Madrona Park their home and experience what it's like to live in the forest. (With a bathroom break!) The park provides phenomenal opportunities to experience and learn about different habitats and to explore and find special places.

Depending on weather and interest we may utilize the lakeside barbecues to have a fire and practice basic fire tending skills, or make tea.

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