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Our program aims to ignite and enlighten the minds of children, fostering a love for learning and righetouness. We belive that right now is the best time to teach our children not only academically but spiritually. We are a Christian home school that teaches everything from the lense of Christ

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Our passion is to Ignite and enlighten the minds of our future leaders! We believe in the wholeness of a child's education and creating a solid foundation. It starts with Jesus Christ at the center of everything that we do! On a day to day along with our academics we will be learning about God’s love for us and others, manners and cultivating integrity. We align our program academically with the prek guidelines of Texas.

We also provide 4 times a year a “Parent get away” night which is included in the tuition. As a mom of four and former school teacher. I understand the hustle and bustle of life and needing "a break". On a Saturday evening from 5pm-10pm you can drop your kiddos off and go out on the town! YES, you read that right! You bring their dinner and If they have siblings that you want to include that is not in our program it is a fee per sibling just to ensure we have all we need to cover them! For our students we will have an activity planned and a movie night with popcorn and treats. This program is on a first come, first serve basis. I will post the Saturdays at least a month in advance and you will be able to immediately sign up. There will be limited spots open so once you see the notification it is encouraged to sign up.

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Taught by Dezeree' Stewart

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Greetings parents! My name is Dezeree' Stewart. To simply & briefly put it the most important thing about me is that I am a believer in and follower of Jesus Christ. I am a wife to my husband Aaron for 7 years, a mother of 4 beautiful children: Rya, Nilah, Kelsi, Aaron II. I have been in some form of education for over 10 years now, working almost exclusively with early childhood education. I have taught and served in a wide spectrum of education: from teaching church summer day camps, then as a therapist developing social skills, fine motor skills and behavioral modifications to children overcoming autism. I’ve served as a special education inclusion teaching, working with students with a myriad of disorders and learning disabilities, in attempts to merge them into a traditional learning environment. Lastly, my latest role, was serving my Pre-K 4 students for the last two years.

During my educational journey, I have seen the power of good teaching, and good teaching is always rooted in love. Yes, there are good practices and effective methods, but the roots, the roots are always love. Our aim is to partner with other families to help them cultivate talents, ignite passions, and foster an atmosphere of relevancy and righteousness for their students. I have been trained throughout the years on how to help nurture the minds of little people and I want to use the giftings that God has given me to partner with you in teaching and laying the foundation in our future leaders!

May God bless you and keep you and may His face shine upon you,

Dezeree’ Stewart ♥️

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My home in Forney, TX

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