Spanish with Maestra Esperanza

Seattle, WA, 98103

The Joy Of Learning Spanish classes are an enjoyable introduction to the target language. It is an ideal enrichment program for little kids and preschoolers that incorporates joyful interactive activities with puppets, toys, dance and total physical response commands. Learning songs and performances with puppets are part of the opportunities for kids to learn and continue to grow. I also offer in-person sessions in Seattle, WA - North East of the city

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THE JOY OF LEARNING SPANISH enrichment program is ideal for bilingual families and families that do not speak Spanish but are exploring it as a possible second language for their children. Classes are taught by "Maestra Esperanza.”

The number of students will be between 3 - 6 per group.

Each session lasts 30 minutes and goes with a routine as follows:

Greetings, singing "Good morning" song and calling out names of the kids.
Warming up and brain dance segment
 The weather report through flash cards; The subject of the class performed by a puppet. (e.g: colors, numbers, shapes, parts of the face, body, emotions, pets, food, and so on)
 Song of the day
 Board storytelling, imaginative play or reading a book and vocabulary reinforcement segment

Goodbye song


Theme example: Starting with six colors associated with fall, leaves, trees and weather.

Each session of the program is fun and engaging. Some activities are related to the story telling or lyrics of a song. Little kids may follow brain dance moves or body language moves in order to be familiarized with the action words and key vocabulary or key words. I use finger puppets or hand puppets and props to teach child basic vocabulary.

PRICE: 30 minute class: $36 (groups of 3-6 kids)


Students will be socially distant and the instructor may or may not wear a mask according to the lesson
 Props and puppets are handled by Maestra Esperanza exclusively.

Washing hands before the session is required.
 No shoes in the assigned space or circle learning area.
 Teaching materials are frequently sanitized or washed.

Taught by Esperanza Arevalo

Background Check Confirmed

ESPERANZA AREVALO, from Bogotá, Colombia

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Education from La Gran Colombia University, with emphasis in English and Spanish. In the past, I worked in the administrative field working with multinational companies. Fifteen years ago, I moved from my hometown in Colombia to Seattle, Washington, USA. Following my passion for teaching, I teach Spanish to elementary students in extracurricular programs around the Seattle area. I also tutor high school students, and lately, have been focusing on teaching Spanish to preschoolers both in-class settings and online format. I am an active member and regular contributor of the Facebook Teacher Resource groups, "Thornton Creek Amigos", "6Crickets Community Providers", "Montessori 3 to 6 years", and "Montessori at Home", "Parents, guardians, and teachers of pandemic era nano-schools, and "Spanish Immersion & Dual Language Teachers".

In my personal life, among my favorite hobbies, I love good food, being outside in nature, and serving my community. I am an active member of a private cooking club where we create new dishes every month. I love gardening at home, and am often found planting flowers and pulling weeds. Before Covid-19 I used to volunteer and serve as a cook at the Saint James Cathedral’s kitchen, in Seattle. Hoping to return to the kitchen. I love watching movies with my husband Fabio, petting our loving cat Oliver, and exercising regularly.

Additional info: Favorite story telling from books: The three Little Pigs, Goldie Locks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood.

CPR Certified

Program Location Details

It's online, so you can join us from anywhere in the world! Do note that hours of operation are Pacific Standard Time (I am physically located in the Greater Seattle Area), so please adjust accordingly depending on what time zone you're joining us from.

For in-person, I will travel in Seattle, WA (North East of the City)

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