Seward Park Pod

Seattle, WA

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Hours: Monday - Thursday 7:45 am - 5:00 pm 

16 hours/week : active teaching time 

12-14 hours/week: afterschool care

3-4 hours/week: prep and planning time

1 hour: lunch 

The kids in the pod are from Hawthorne Elementary. 
The Lake WA Micro School teacher and student families plan to build a shared vision for the children's learning as well as implement and adjust curriculum from Seattle Public Schools (SPS) to create an interactive, engaging, and developmentally-appropriate experience for first graders. The teacher will develop lessons and curriculum, collaborate with parents to ensure a supportive environment for children, and consistently provide a safe and caring place for the children. 

Our teacher is Samuel Demco 

Education: master’s in teaching (from Antioch), Washington State certification 

Experience: Previously an 8th grade teacher and 2nd grade teacher (all in Seattle Public Schools) Sam plans to create lessons based upon SPS curriculum and expand upon them to create an engaging learning experience including doing nature-based education as our micro school is located along Lake Washington Blvd next to park space. To develop a comprehensive and fun experience for the children, Sam plans to use observations and data to guide how he teaches and to be responsive to the individual’s learning needs.

Taught by Bruce Reed

Background Check Confirmed

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