50th Micro-School

Seattle, WA, 98118

To ensure student progress through state expected standards. To build an education that is engaging and thought provoking. To provide an opportunity for creativity. To build an understanding of math, reading, reading, history, and natural sciences.

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Seward Park

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Mr. Demco will lead in implementing the 1st grade SPS online curriculum in order to provide an education that will be easily transferable back into the standard public school system. Lessons will be differentiated based off of the need of students. Extra subjects not included in the SPS 1st grade cirrculum will be taught by Mr. Demco.

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Taught by Sam Demco

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A quality education goes further than teaching students to take in and recite information, a quality education gives the student an opportunity to interact with, be creative with, and create wonderings about what they are learning. A teacher who is successful in awakening that creative expression in a student’s education will give them a tool they can use to grow and gain knowledge throughout their lifetime.

After studying US History at the University of Washington I had a desire to better prepare myself for a career in teaching and to build a strong foundation to my educational philosophy. I furthered my own education by obtaining a Master of Arts in Teaching; when researching universities, I discovered Antioch University. Their mission and viewpoint towards education drew me to their program. Their goal of social justice through education, teaching that encompasses all learning styles, and teaching that drives student creativity matched my own values and helped refine my skills in providing a quality education to others.

I am interested in teaching to help close gaps, to create an equitable educational environment, to create a positive learning environment, to show students that learning can be fun, to lead them in knowing that learning is important for their future, to drive student creativity, and to make everybody feel like they have a voice that matters.

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Full Day$275 per week

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In a parent's home

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