At Nunu’s Daycare every day will be a new adventure.

We will move our bodies
Explore nature
Do some gardening
Get creative reusing recyclables
Explore colors
Make our own safe paints to finger paint with
Do collages
Color with crayons
Get messy cooking
Do a little yoga
Dance and sing
Play music
Make our own instruments
Sing songs from around the world
Learn some ASL, some Catalan, some Spanish, a little French, a little Italian...
Play with fun sensory textures like kinetic sand, rice, and water
Do fun experiments
Observe the weather and the passage of time
Go to the quiet couch for some quiet time
Read a book
Listen to a story
Put on a puppet show
Play dress-up
Pretend to be pirates
Build towns and cities and bridges
Explore the night sky and the constellations







Sample schedule

9am - 9:30am: Arrival. Stations are ready for kids to enter and start playing, and then we gather together for circle time.
9:30-10am: Yoga, then Music and Dance time to get the giggles out
10am - 10:30am: Introduce the Special Activity, which could include planting seeds, cooking, etc...depending on the curriculum of the week
10:30am - 11am: Free Play (inside or outside, depending on weather and interest. Kids might want to continue exploring the Special Activity or play with something else).
11am - 11:15am: Snack time
11:15am - 12:30: Free Play
12:30-1pm: Clean up and Story Time!
1pm: Parents arrive and pick up the kids.

Nuria C.

I am a writer, graphic designer, and illustrator, as well as a wife, and mother of two girls and a fantastic Goldendoodle named Copper.

I decided to stay at home to raise my daughters, and during that time I have intensely educated myself in early-childhood learning and psychology, and spent innumerable hours volunteering at our local elementary school, either in class, at the library, or as a substitute Spanish teacher in the mornings (I still volunteer at the library though my girls are no longer at the school).

I believe that nothing you do for children is ever wasted, and when the children in my community do well the entire community thrives. I also believe that the learning and social interactions that take place in the early years are fundamental in building a solid base for a child's development later in life.


Nunu’s Daycare is located in the neighborhood of Tam O’ Shanter, a block away from Richard Bennett Elementary School and two blocks away from the neighborhood’s park. It is in a fully-finished daylight basement. We have a counter with a sink, small appliances, a full refrigerator, a bathroom adapted to small people’s needs, and a tea and coffee station for the parents, because who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of coffee in the morning? As you enter the first thing you notice is the L-shaped “quiet couch” that dominates the center of the room. A small round table sits in front of it. Next door we have access to a gym for a bit of yoga and to wiggle and dance. Under the stairs is our “wonder cove” filled with toys and items that will foster imaginative play. And lastly, of course, we have reserved a corner for “messy fun” like finger painting or playing with sand and water.