Ms. Knight's Microschool

Seattle, WA, 98118

I believe that students can and should be excited about their learning! My goals for the students I work with are to help them discover the best ways they learn and to make learning a fun, active, and successful experience for them.

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Rainier Beach

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I am available to support a pod where students are virtually learning and need support and tutoring in language arts, social studies, math and science. I can work with students to provide additional learning opportunities that reinforce virtual lessons.

Program Teacher to Student Ratio: 1:4

Washing/sanitizing hands upon entering or reentering from outside, sanitized surfaces, practicing good hygiene.


I am a certified teacher with 25 years of experience in public and private schools in the Seattle area teaching students with a variety of learning styles. That experience has taught me that students are successful when they gain awareness and understanding of their own thought processes. They participate in lanugage arts, social studies, science and math lessons that are structured based on best practices from brain research, including use of graphic organizers, active engagement, and elaborative rehearsal strategies, to name a few. This is great way to reinforce and strengthen learning skills with middle schoolers. Students are encouraged to use their creative talents to showcase their active learning through a variety of mediums including art, music, and movement. This is not reading the chapter and answering the questions at the end!

Taught by Lora Knight

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My favorite time of year as a child was summer when I would ride my bike to the Northeast Library to explore the bookshelves and find hidden treasures to read. The experience helped spark my life-long love of reading and learning. I have 25 years of language arts and social studies teaching experience in the Seattle area. Based on that experience, I believe that teachers can make learning fun for all students. My philosophy is that students can be taught skills and strategies that help them master what they are studying. Once they gain these skills and utilize the strategies, they can better understand what kinds of learning work best for them. I firmly believe that this can be done in a way this is fun and taps into the creativity of each student.

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Full Day$1,500 per month

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I am willing to come to your house in the Seattle area to work with your children.

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