Ms. Nikki's Learning Group


Connecting students to all subjects in order to foster life long learning, and promote talents and interests that strengthen each student in a meaningful way.

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Port Townsend, WA

Program Description

This is a live teaching enrichment program for elementary-aged children. I focus on Waldorf philosophies and inquiry-based learning but am tied to only that which best serves my students.

Taught by Nicole Allen

Background Check Confirmed

I'm a mom of 2 kids who's making her dream a reality. I've always loved teaching and had expressed that love through teaching Sunday School for 10 years; I just LOVED watching my "kids" grow up! Now, I'm using current circumstances to be home full-time while giving my kids the education I've always wanted them to have.

In my free time, you'll find be helping my son build his latest invention, help my daughter practice a new song, working in our yard, or working on a project in my craft room.

Program Location Details

Port Townsend, Washington is a picturesque Victorian village-by-the-sea known for its fascinating history, early Native America roots, historic landmarks, beaches, art, food, and forest.

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