Mr. Paul's Micro-school

Seattle, WA, 98122

Starts in September

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Capitol Hill

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Teaching Philosophy I love working with children. They laugh at my jokes and enjoy my sense of humor, and in turn I get to sharpen my internal sense of play and practice my own creativity. This love of working with kids is first and foremost. I love teaching. I enjoy imparting knowledge and teaching skills. In doing so, I further develop my own knowledge and skills. Teaching also allows me to continue to keep my own curiosities alive. I believe that teaching is a timeless way of keeping countless human traditions alive. I enjoy helping others. As a teacher, you are in the position to lead and to help. I have found that when I feel that I have helped someone, then that is a job well done. There is a fulfillment that comes with helping others that isn’t easily matched within other modes of work. Teaching allows me to feel like I have helped someone at the end of each day, and for me, that is very rewarding. It is through my love of children, my love of teaching, and my love for helping others that my teaching philosophies derive. I teach from the heart. I help where I can, and I am driven by a creative spirit, and an inner fulfillment that teaching brings me. When it comes to creating curriculum for the entire year, how do I complete such a daunting task? Lesson planning is always a daunting task, and effective planning is done every day—sometimes every hour. This is because effective planning happens alongside effective teaching. They are closely connected. Planning for the entire year should be done with both a long and short view. The long view is within a range of months, and the short view is done with in a range of weeks, and the effective teacher is prepared to adjust plans at a moment’s notice. Each child is different, so progress means something different for every child. If we are to look at the child socially/emotionally, I look at how friendships, a sense of morality, and a willingness to “try new things” has developed. If we are assessing academics, I measure success with assessments and a progression of work collected in a portfolio. Adaptation to routines is also a way to measure success. If my children are well adapted to classroom routines—while at the same time—maintain some flexibility, I believe that I have cultivated great students in each child.

My program is run in a parent’s home

Taught by Paul Escalante

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I am a musical, creative soul, with a strong sense of play and humor. My teaching techniques derive from this. I’m great at making lessons engaging through music, games, and interesting questions. I do not simply talk at children. I talk with them. I don’t simply listen to children. I ask them to show me what they mean. I don’t simply supervise. I interact with my students so that I understand where they are coming from, and how they are interpreting the world around them.

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In a parent's home

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