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Help students maintain/advance proficiency in math and writing. Students will learn about their own creativity. Lessons will be engaging and challenging.

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I offer creative math and creative writing enrichment for grades 4-6. I make my math and writing sessions engaging, interesting, and challenging. I do this in math with a wide variety of projects, puzzles, brainteasers, problems and critical thinking activities.


My goal is to help students maintain/advance their current level of math proficiency and to be supportive of the classroom teacher(s).


Like the math, above, my creative writing sessions will engage, interest, and challenge students We will explore a wide variety of themes in prose and poetry. We’ll also cover the conventions: spelling, punctuation, grammar, and so forth.

I taught elementary grades 4-6 for 42 years, I’ve taught math methods and content at Antioch U. in Seattle, and I’ve presented at national math conferences



Multi-step math problems

Critical thinking activities


Math projects



Exploring prose and poetry

Writing prose and poetry

Reading activities

One-on-one writing help


Taught by Dave Gardner

Background Check Confirmed

35 yrs full-time elementary teaching, grades 4-6

7 yrs head teacher and mathematician-in-residence for Zeno Math

4 yrs teaching math methods and math content, Antioch Univ. Seattle

5 yrs volunteering one day a week at my local elementary school, teaching math to 4th/5th graders

Presenter at local, regional and national math conferences

Above all, i have a passion for these two subjects

Program Location Details

I'm in the Jubilee community on 41st NE in Lacey. Lacey is just north of Olympia, WA.

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