Mac's Banana Slug Study Group

Cle Elum, Washington, 98922

With this program, my goal is to assist your student with their virtual learning experience. After individual work has been completed, the kids and I will do various class activities that I have planned out.

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I hope to create a fun and educational learning environment for your child by helping them be successful with their virtual school days and adding in some fun projects for them to do as a small group. I want to be able to make the start of the school year as normal as possible for them. The Corona Virus is confusing for everybody, especially kids who are not allowed to go see their friends everyday. I really hope I can add in some normalcy for them and allow them to have a lot of fun up until they are able to go back to school.

My main focus is the child's schoolwork whether that entails simply completing it on time or going through the full process of explaining the problem, practicing it, and making sure the student truly understands it before we move on so they can utilize it to their full ability throughout their lives. Once all schoolwork for the day has been completed, your child will have the opportunity to take some time for themselves and participate in an activity of their choosing whether that is coloring, reading, or putting together a puzzle. On Friday afternoons, I will be holding a longer class time where we will do educational class projects such as building a volcano, going on a nature walk, or painting a masterpiece. Whatever I choose for that week will be helpful and hopefully very fun for not only me, but for the students as well.

Taught by McKenzi Schiewe

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I am a second year student at Central Washington University majoring in Elementary Education while minoring in Early Childhood Education. I have been working with children of all ages for roughly 5 years now and have loved it. I adore watching them light up when they understand a concept and can apply it on their own. I also love watching new friendships develop whether it is between two of the students, or watching some of the kids get attached to their teachers. Seeing them have someone other than their family that they can go to comfortably is a wonderful thing and I love being a part of that. I am extremely excited to be able to work with your students and hope to see you soon!

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Part Time$500 per month

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My micro school will be held at the Suncadia Resort. I will do my absolute best to create a fun environment for your students which taking the necessary precautions to remain safe and healthy.

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