Luz K-5 Education Micro-School

Seattle, WA, 98199

Academic support and enrichment activities that fit various learning styles, interests, ability levels and developmental stages of individual students. Physical movement, arts, social-emotional curriculum and project-based learning. Flexible schedule and approach to student-centered learning. Spanish instruction can be included.

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I believe academic support in all subject areas and enrichment activities are integral parts of a child's development. Social-emotional development is key in Elementary Education. Learning academic skills are as important as developing life-long skills such as problem solving, resilience, grit, creativity, and inquiry. Students learn by interacting with each other and all students thrive when given opportunities to show their full potential, strengths, and passions.

What makes great teaching is the capacity to create lessons that are engaging and meaningful to the students and creating opportunities for students to apply the learning to real-life situations.


I am excited to develop a customized program to meet my students needs in the Micro-school. I will get to know the students' strengths, interests and ability levels and design a learning plan to meet their individual goals. A schedule needs to be flexible and adaptable to students needs and age appropriate to meet their developmental level and attention span. It must fit the specific Micro-school format. Literacy and math blocks are usually in the morning (readers and write's workshop) and enrichment activities including Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Physical Education, Coding, and Arts in the afternoon.


I am available to support remote learning with your School District. I am willing to work with parents to desing a plan that fit's students academic needs, schedule and curicullum. This learning format will incorporate movement breaks throughout the instructional day and will adapt to the learning plan ans schedule stablish by the School District. This program is based on the school District schedule and fits enrichment activities including Science, Social Studies, Spanish, Physical Education, Coding, and Arts during breaks for independent work and afternoons.

Taught by Mariluz Garzon

Background Check Confirmed

Hello I am Mariluz,

I have been living and teaching in Seattle for over ten years as a certified professional teacher in the State of Washington. I am very familiar with the Seattle Public Schools curriculum. I have taught K-5 and Spanish in middle schools. I also taught English while living in Spain. I currently tutor students in Dual-Immersion programs, supporting them with their Spanish. I am from Colombia and Spanish is my first language. I love animals and nature. I care very much about the environment. I am a vegetarian and want to become vegan. In my free time I am a yoga teacher and I like to stay active outdoors by hiking, camping, and exploring our beautiful state of Washington.

Cost & Availability

Full Day$1,833 per month
Part Time$978 per month

Mariluz has provided Spanish classes to my twins since last Fall. Initially, in person and now via zoom due to COVID. She is an excellent teacher, so much enthusiasm, very prepared yet adaptable and follows their excitement and interests. We are grateful for Mariluz and highly recommend her. Sarah started bringing Zoe to in person sessions before COVID-19 and we seamlessly transitioned to Zoom. It's been great to keep up on Spanish throughout the Summer and Zoe always looks forward to her Zoom calls with Mariluz.

Program Location Details

I live in the Magnolia - Queen Anne area in Seattle, WA.

I prefer to teach in a Micro-school that is located in the city.

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