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Students will be enrolled in their public school as usual, and I will work with them to finish their assignments and communicate with their teachers. After they have completed their regular classwork I will work with them on enrichment activities and community building. This is not a daycare. This is face-to-face-to-face tutoring during whatever hours an in whichever location we agree upon.

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One of the drawbacks of the Pandemic Pod / Microschool option is that it unequally advantages the middle and upper classes. I would LOVE to have an entirely donations based location in Minneapolis proper where I could offer my services to lower-income families. This is my tiny step towards not widening the 'achievement gap' during the pandemic.


I am a Media Specialist, so much of my focus while working in schools was books, research, and basic computer skills. I also love teaching coding, animation, and all sorts of technology. I am a photographer, writer, genealogist and sports fan.
I believe that Black Lives Matter and that one of the most basic ways to make a society equitable is to have people of all backgrounds learn about each other. As a white woman, I do what I can as an Ally, and I am willing to facilitate discussions about the current issues, as long as parents are comfortable with it as well.

Taught by Lanica Klein

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I am a K-12 Media Specialist with 10+ years of teaching experience in Minneapolis, Osseo, Minnetonka and Hopkins. I have worked as a substitute teacher in all grades and all subjects for 5 years as well.

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Full Day$1,200 per month
Part Time$800 per month

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Undecided (Minneapolis if possible)

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