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In my program I love doing anything musical, telling stories, and providing outdoor adventures with my kids

Taught by Kylie Wall

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I love doing anything musical with children. I use music and melody all day long! I follow a "rhythm" rather than a schedule with my kiddos and we will dance DAILY.

I love the magic of stories and storytelling and I use it every day with children. I read and I also memorize stories to tell them. They absorb so many ideas and lessons and concepts through listening to stories.

I used to be a field guide for an outdoor adventure company and I love taking children on walks and identifying the plants and animals that we find. Their minds are so absorbent, once they learn the names of things they will often notice things I miss!

I enjoy helping children develop their relationships with their artistic selves. I love supporting the young child in uncovering their creativity with bright colors and interesting objects.

I genuinely love helping children understand the strength of their emotional worlds and turning them into ways they can confidently express their experiences to the people in their lives.

It brings me so much joy to see a child engage their boundless curiosity. Providing an environment that encourages and invites their most curious selves is a wonderfully creative process for me and doubly so when it's in my home.


Hi! I'm Kylie. A Colorado native who has been working with young children for twelve years. I am committed to the developmental success of young children and their families. I implement aspects of the whimsical world of Waldorf alongside the practicalities of Montessori work. My environment radiates joy and I am responsive to the natural curiosity of children. I am a mother to a lovely two-year-old boy who is very interested in shapes right now.

My favorite children's song right now is a blues version of "Three Little Monkies" by Brother Yusef.

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Full Day$2,880 per month
Part Time$1,440 per month

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