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Play-based Montessori with emphasis on outdoor learning based on children’s emergent skills and interests! Fostering curiosity, independence, and responsibility through play-based, exploratory learning activities in a safe and stimulating environment that engages the child’s senses and supports her or his innate sense of wonder!

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Emergent curriculum supported by Play-based Montessori that stimulates the child’s innate curiosity and developmental needs Independence and Self Care Social emotional awareness Sensory and science exploration daily Nutritious Organic Meals Included Music and Story Time Daily 1-4 Ratio Parents/Grandparents Welcome Daily outdoor exploration and weekly adventures

A program that is designed around the children’s emerging skills, interests and needs. The activities, experiences and environment are all planned or set up to allow the children to explore a variety of choices that support these skills and interests while engaging their curiosities, stimulating their senses and learning through play and exploration!

Curriculum for Toddlers? You bet! Emergent curriculum allows children to explore what their bodies and minds can do by providing activities, experiences, and an environment that support the child’s naturally emerging skills, interests and needs.

By doing do so, not only are children more naturally engaged in the learning and developing process, but begin to lay the foundation for life skills such as self-confidence and independence, problem solving, and critical thinking.


Sensory exploration with mud kitchen or ice painting
Exploring STEM learning with balls, cars, and ramps
Process art by painting with pine cones and branches or making music with sticks and pans
Developing motor and language skills through daily song, dance and finger play!
When a skill or interest is emerging, we’re going to support its growth and children’s understanding! Throwing food on the floor? We’re going to build motor skills by throwing balls, and bean bags, crumpled paper and wet sponges and all that ok to toss! Dumping everything from baskets? We’re going to explore cause and effect and volume with sand, buckets and water wheels and building block towers and crashing them down! Learning language? We’re going to read books and sing songs over and over and over and then play with puppets, engage in dramatic play and talk about everything we’re doing! Trying independence or to follow two-step directions? We’re going to practice getting our shoes, putting on jackets, washing our own hands, and putting things away all as we count or sing and play games!

Taught by Kandyce Gnidovec

Background Check Confirmed

Greetings New Friends!

My name is Kandyce and I am a former preschool teacher and education coordinator who loves to foster an environment where littles can thrive and parents can feel welcome and be a part of their children’s growth & learning, for it takes a community to raise these brilliant minds together!

I have traveled and worked with young children for the past 15 years! During such time I trained and taught in Bilingual Preschools and in a Daycare in Germany, nannied for families in Lugano Switzerland during my undergrad, worked with village schools to teach sustainability and gardening to children in Malawi and Zambia, and re-integrated foreign exchange students with Youth for Understanding. Upon returning to the US, I recently taught preschool and toddler classrooms at Bright Horizons where I was honored with the “Excellence in Care and Education” Award And became the center’s Education Coordinator before COVID-19.

I hold a Masters in Global Education and Administration, a Bachelors in Culture and Communication, and a Childhood Development Associates. I am also CPR Certified.

Currently, I live in the Issaquah Highlands with my husband, Erik, and 20 month old daughter. We love gardening, going on hiking and biking adventures, and watching movies! My favorite thing to do with children, especially toddlers, is to support their innate curiosity for everything through exploratory activities and building independence! It’s amazing what toddlers can do!

Program Location Details

In our clean and organized single family home, children can feel comfortable to make themselves at home throughout our downstairs area and dining room set up for littles. They can freely explore our upstairs playroom or venture into our back yard and garden area set up for toddlers to practice gross motor skills, expand their imagination, or care for our garden and all its visitors, such as birds and bunnies! Children can also help care for our adopted family fish, Midnight and mystery snail names Sunshine!

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