Jessica's Micro-School

Seattle, WA, 98115

I aim to make learning fun again! Your kids will meet their grade level standards through hands-on experiences, one-on-one lessons, and creative strategizing.

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This program will teach a variety of subjects including math, science, technology, reading, writing, and more. Students will have the chance to complete fun projects that engage their higher level thinking and involve them in the learning. With plenty of outdoor and relaxing breaks throughout the day, this program will be a safe, stress-free environment for your child to learn and thrive. I believe that students succeed when they learn what they are passionate about which is why I aim to learn as much about your student as I can and act as a mentor to their learning rather than a dictator of it.


Your students will engage in project-based learning, STEM instruction, outdoor activities, social-cultural learning, story time, and more! Depending on the curriculum that your student is enrolled in, I aim to enhance their online communication through fun and engaging projects that they can make their own.

Taught by Jessica Miller

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Hi there! My name is Jessica and I am a licensed educator with a BA degree in education and English. I also have an ESOL endorsement! I have 2 years of teaching experience at the secondary level and over 6 years of nannying experience. I taught English abroad in China and have experience teaching students with special needs (autism, SPD, anxiety, etc).I believe that students learn best when they are passionate about the topic. I want to act as a mentor for your student and guide them through the learning process to restore a love for learning. I use methods like backwards design, Montessori behavior philosophy, and place a strong emphasis on social-cultural learning.

Cost & Availability

Full Day$1,112 per month

Heleen Woest

Social anxiety makes it especially difficult for my daughter to open up to people, but Jessica started building a personal connection with her from day one, and used it to encourage and inspire learning in her. Jessica also developed a personal curriculum for my daughter based on her unique needs, and provided us with daily email updates on what they accomplished. Even more important to the situation was Jessica’s patience and adaptable attitude to make changes on the spur of the moment if things did not go as planned.

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In a parent's home

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