Hands-on Learning with Mr. Mickle

Bellevue, WA

Learning is supposed to be fun! I aim to cultivate passion and curiosity that all children so naturally have.

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Parent's home

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Hello! I am a passionate certified teacher with over 2 years teaching experience looking to make a lasting differences in the lives of my students. Guiding students to their highest level of successes both personally and academically.

In my program We will explore the fundamentals of reading, writing, math, science and social students in a fun, dynamic and engaging way.


Learning should be fun, dynamic, messy, and hands-on. Yet all too often that is the exact opposite of the traditional school system. That is why I believe in exploring and understanding the world through project-based and hands-on learning. Students should be connected to their learning, not reading about a science experiment but conducting it. Making predictions, recording observations, manipulating data, and enjoying the learning process! This should not be just in science but across all disciplines throughout the day.

I have a strong emphasis on creativity, empathy, cooperative learning, child-centered learning, backward designing, and more. I would be happy to talk about my teaching philosophy in great detail at any time.



Full school year commitment, September through June (Following the SPS Calendar)


Taught by Sawyer Mickle

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I graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and a minor in Disabilities studies. Upon graduating I left to teach English abroad in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam. Since then I have returned home to Washington where I taught a multiage class at Chataquah Elementary on Vashon Island. Now I am looking for a more personalized way to educate and I believe I have found it.

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