Butterfly Academy

Kenmore, WA, 98028

Mission Statement: To provide a safe space filled with kindness, empathy and compassion that foster's children individual success.

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Mission Statement:

To provide a safe space filled with kindness, empathy and compassion that foster's children individual success.

To provide quality care, inspire love for learning, have meaningful interactions for each child to develop their skills.

To provide clear and concise communication with the families I serve.

To provide an open door for collaboration and building strong bridges for families and communities.

To provide many opportunities for self expression, self love and encourage positive self image.

Butterfly Philosophy:

My child directed and play based learning academy has an intentional goal to give children a variety of opportunities to learn about their environments.

Structured and unstructured learning times are important and intentionally set up the environment for your child to have new and fun learning experiences.

I start by getting to know the whole child and meeting the child where they are at and then tailor a lesson plans to meet the need of each child.

Butterfly Academy provides early childhood education and care for children to help them develop their individual skills and make them ready to learn when they start school. Our program provides early childhood education and care for children from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Butterfly Academy builds on the individual child's social skills so they are able to join groups successfully, show empathy and have meaningful interact. We will have established routines, class rules and focus on language skills, cognitive, social- emotional development and so they positive experiences.

Butterfly Academy provides activities so children are using their executive function skills, strengthening their fine and gross motor skills. I create tailored curriculum to support and strengthening children’s learning and development.

Emotional and self-regulation skills are important and children will have opportunities to practice adapting to behaviors depending on the situation, to control impulses and to shift attention. Children are learning new words daily and storing new information in their growing in their brains.

We will continue to practice how to regulate our behaviors and problem-solve when faced with challenges. We will work on delayed gratification and being present during discussions.


Hands On & Age Appropriate Activities Areas of Learning: Social Emotional Development Art Movement/Dance/Music/Singing Cognitive Language/Literacy Fine/Gross Motor Development Science Math Imagination/Dramatic Play

Taught by Felicia Wray

Background Check Confirmed

Born and raised in Seattle, WA

Graduated from Bellevue College earning my AA Degree in Early Childhood Development and currently attending North Seattle College working towards my Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Applied Science Program

I am a licensed foster parent and a mother of 3 children

-MERIT/ Cleared Background Check -CPR/ First Aid/ Bloodborne Pathogens Certified -MMR/TB Valid -Food Handlers Permit Current -30 Hour Stars Training

I have worked with children and their families for 13 years.

CPR Certified

Program Location Details

Located in a quiet area in Kenmore, WA, at the HeronView Complex (also willing to travel to a home in the Seattle area)

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