Brook's Active Learning Micro-School

Issaquah, WA

Every child should be challenged at their individual level and explore their interests. My program will challenge all students while meeting all objectives of either the school district you attend or the online program you have chosen. I will adapt these goals into my small micro-schools. I would like to include nature and the great outdoors into my teaching as well. Students will learn the academics while also moving their bodies. An active body helps promote a sharp mind. I am open to grades K-5 and can manage differences of three levels in the same micro pod. I would love to incorporate Spanish in my school as I am bilingual.

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My micro-School will be run like a regular elementary education classroom with with reading, writing and math taught every day and science and social studies in units of study. I would love to incorporate Spanish immersion as well. I am open to ideas from parents as to how you would like your pod taught but and I also have some great ideas for how I think it could be run.

I  am a  certified elementary  teacher and am used to teaching classes of 25 students so I would be fine with any size pod but I think that  5-10 would be great. I would like to offer scholarships to two students. My dream would be that they were Spanish speaking students to  enrich the Spanish immersion idea. 


I believe all students are individuals, and everyone learns in their own unique way. I try to teach using as many different methods as possible trying to hit on the one that works for everyone at some point. I make sure to teach for my oral visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. I get so much joy and watching "the light" go on in my students and want each child to experience that feeling and develop a love of learning.

Taught by Brook Koski

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I have been an elementary teacher for over 25 years and still love my job. It's more of a passion than a job for me. I first taught in  Morelia, Mich. Mexico and loved the country, culture and language so much that  when I returned to the states  I taught in a bilingual classroom for most of my teaching years. I  have taught, preschool, first, third, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades and I am able to teach all grades K-5. I love teaching so much that I am no where near ready to be done. I am from Colorado, just outside of Boulder and love the outdoors.

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In the parent's home

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