WEEKDAYS - Alki Cottage Preschool


An early childhood education program led by Teacher Annie, housed in a schoolhouse cottage next to Alki Elementary. Students will have plenty of outdoor learning in Schmitz Park, practicing “pre-skills,” which lay the groundwork for the future. Through structured and unstructured learning time, the goal is to gain skills that ultimately help them learn to read, write, build their math and science skills, and become successful, lifelong learners.

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Preferred Ages

1 year olds – Kindergarten

Location Type

In my home

Program Description

We love outdoor play! Get ready for plenty of learning in Schmitz Park and the Alki playfield. This class features dual language learning: taught primarily in English with daily Spanish lessons.

At The Alki Cottage Preschool, we're focused on a safe environment (following all CDC guidelines) and personalized learning so each child is supported in the way they learn best. Our classes are all in small groups of no more than eight children per class to ensure safety and a lot of 1:1 learning time supported by the teacher. Children will be focused on social and emotional growth as well as exploring the "pre-skills" learning the basics of writing, math, science and art.

Our core values support engaging children as they prepare for success in school and life.

Research shows that a whole-child approach to education—one where children develop not only math and literacy skills but also social–emotional, physical, and cognitive skills—is developmentally appropriate and better prepares children for life well beyond their time in a classroom.

This program will focus on plenty of outdoor play in Schmitz Park and the Alki playfield. Children will be focused on social, emotional growth as well as the foundation of writing, math, science and art and Spanish language.


Bubbly, bright, and cheerful, represents Teacher Suzie and what she brings to her classroom. She graduated with a BA from UC Davis. An interesting fact about teacher Suzie is that she’s from Mexico. She fluently speaks Spanish, some French and Mandarin. Ever since she moved from Mexico she has cared for children. Her life’s purpose is to guide people, enjoy life, and help as much as possible. Suzie cannot wait to meet you and share her creativity, artistic talents, and happiness.

CDC Guidelines

CDC guidelines and social distancing is important to this micro-school so please only apply if you are following the general social distancing guidelines at this point in time.


Outdoor learning in Schmitz Park and Alki Playfield
Art Projects
Science Projects
Theme weeks based on the children choosing their interests: for example dinosaurs, bugs or airplanes
Special sessions with Khan Academy (optional)

Sample Schedule

8:00am 8:00amDropoff
8:30am 9:00amCircle time
9:00am 12:00pmNoon Activity Time (art, science, Spanish language) and outdoor learning
12:00pm 1:00pmLunch
1:00pm 4:30pmLearning time (art, science, Spanish language) and outdoor learning. Optional nap time included for children who have nap/quiet time.
4:30pm 5:00pmPick up

Taught by WEEKDAYS Micro-school

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Cost & Availability

Full Day$1,756 per month
Half Day$482 per month


Monday8:00am – 5:00pm
Tuesday8:00am – 5:00pm
Wednesday8:00am – 5:00pm
Thursday8:00am – 5:00pm
Friday8:00am – 5:00pm

Program Location Details

Alki Beach cottage schoolhouse sits next to the opening of Schmitz Park in a quiet side street, tucked up near Alki Elementary. The schoolhouse is accessible to Alki Elementary field and Schmitz Park without crossing any streets and just 1.5 blocks to Alki Beach.

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